Nov 20, 2020

Inspo Behind The Galaxy Capsule

galaxies in the universe

We all can journey to new galaxies, collapse dimensions and see new worlds. This I’m certain. The Galaxy Capsule is inspired by this belief in infinite possibilities and limitless love. I wanted to use textures and color that felt strong, bold and multi-dimensional. How I would imagine a futuristic, mission ready warrior of the heart. The Galaxy Capsule style is edgy, but accessible. 

The candy red color represents the heart soul burning bright. The faux luxe reflective leather reminded me of protective armor and felt very space suit like in texture. Stars are the main components of galaxies. A universal symbol in all religions for light, goodness and magic. Stars are often seen as symbol of divine guidance, of enlightenment or light in the darkness. A good reminder as women to never let anything or any person dim our lights. 

These 8 pieces are designed to intermix as outfits or stand alone as bold statements so you can play with limitless expressions. The power of 8, the number for infinity, was not intentional, but oh so synergistic. 

Each piece comes with a totem message written inside that reads “Like the Galaxies, Love Is Limitless”. As you dress, read the message and take a moment to remember. Boundless possibilities await you when you choose unconditional love.

This is the blessing I wanted to share with The Galaxy Capsule that moved me deeply from a favorite oracle deck author, Alana Fairchild. This blessing comes from Alana's Isis Oracle Deck. I wrote this on the hangtag of the NEW! Travel/Packable Galaxy Star Duffle Bags, so our customers could experience this blessing for themselves. Check out the new Galaxy Collection, that launched on 11/25/20!


Sirius, Beacon of Unconditional Love

The heart of the Goddess Shining Above

Your deepest peace and wisdom wild

I call you now, as your beloved star child

Let me rise above forgetfulness and fear

Help my true nature be strong and clear

That no matter what seems to be 

I am anchored within divinity

Nothing distracts me from my true face

Shining bright with endless peace and grace

"Let love be the compass that guides you this holiday season. Your willingness to trust your heart and to rebel against fear will serve you well." 

Sending All My Love,

Kady Z.

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