Feb 12, 2020

KadyLuxe Attends The NFL Cheerleaders Directors Conference Hosted by the RedSkins

This year's annual NFL Directors Cheerleading Conference was hosted by the Redskins in Washington DC. Each year a NFL cheerleading team is nominated to host and a select few vendors attend for an intimate evening with the directors. KadyLuxe is the only activewear brand invited and is a proud on and off-field vendor for these dynamic women. 

Kady's background in NBA dance draws her into this circle of women. "I am passionate about elevating the apparel for pro dancers and cheerleaders, so the styling, fit and feel matches their level of athleticism." quotes Kady. 

You can find some of KadyLuxe's pieces on these women this season and their group of Redskins Alumni. We are honored to have been invited to another great conference and look forward to 2021. 

A special thank you to Jamilla Keene and Stephanie for hosting an enjoyable event and a beautiful showcase performance. 

NFL Redskins Cheerleaders

NFL Redskins Cheerleaders and Alumni Washington D.C.

Kady Zinke at the Redskins Fedex Field