Apr 10, 2020

Collaborating with Social Sparkling Wine

During this stay-at-home order, how much do you miss being SOCIAL with girlfriends? How important is consuming healthy food and yes even healthy, alcohol while at home? Kind of an oxymoron right, the words healthy + alcohol. Trust me, I know, but keep reading...

My guess is we can all relate here on 3 things: sparkling wine is delicious, hangovers suck (especially in your thirties) and sugary alcohol really sucks for our waistlines.  Let me introduce you to, Social Sparkling Wine. Each can is sparkling delicious, the healthiest alcoholic beverage on the market, hangover-free and yes, sugar-free. What! This is too good to be true. Oh, and did I mention it’s USDA certified organic, sulfite-free and made with zero natural flavorings, which we know one day is going to come out as a dirty ingredient killing all of us with each sparkling sip. Sorry La Croix. 

Maybe you are already onto this amazing beverage secret because you’ve gone to Costco, Target or Wholefoods lately and felt adventurous in the wine section. Here’s how I found out about Social Sparkling Wine and met the lovely founder and now dear friend of mine, Leah Caplanis. Leah and I met at Mindvalley A-Fest in Bali in November 2018.  We immediately became friends connecting on a deeper spiritual level, but also as female entrepreneurs coming from different businesses with similar challenges.

At 26, Leah was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Instead of surgery or chemo, she chose holistic ways to heal including a vegan diet and eliminating alcohol. After 3 years, she was cancer-free and realized it wasn’t the alcohol she missed through her path to healing, but the socialization that comes with alcohol that she craved. There were no healthy alcohol options on the market. From this pain, she created SOCIAL Sparkling Wine.  Her delicious sparkling beverages have no sugar, no sulfites, no natural flavoring and are USDA certified organic. Not to mention, they taste so natural and delicious, especially on a hot summer day sipping with your girlfriends on a boat guilt-free...just my kinda fun! 

This last year, Leah approached me with a need for corporate branded women’s clothing that was cute and comfortable for her sales team at tradeshows. We designed a small collection of items in her brand colors all adorned with the SOCIAL logo. Her team loved it and the gals made a fashion statement in active fashion leggings and bomber jackets in contrast to the usual garb of collar shirts and dress pants you find people wearing at these kinds of shows. Leah finds herself wearing a lot of the garb now too because “I want people to see the word SOCIAL and ask me, “What is that?”. Wearing my Kadyluxe Social tee to the coffee shop is a great conversation starter.”

Fast forward to today, in this unprecedented time, where we are all adjusting from happy hours at bars to virtual social hours on Zoom, Leah and I are coming together with one intent to serve. We may not be on the front line (thank you to all that are), but we are feeling the disruption this is having on our businesses. As a result, we wanted to serve other females like ourselves, perhaps budding entrepreneurs, women with an idea but no clue where to begin, businesswomen facing similar challenges or women with a story to tell. We all crave connection and could use a little uplifting conversation or inspiration on how to pivot in a time of disruption. For the month of April, we are collaborating to giveaway 3 happy hours hosted by Leah and myself with a winner each week + 5 friends. We hope the conversations will inspire friends to come together to learn, laugh and maybe even cry over a can of SOCIAL sparkling wine all the while feeling cozy and cute in their Kadyluxe loungewear pieces. 

To enter: you submit your email and 5 friends emails and follow us on social media 

What will the giveaway entail? The winner will receive a $1000 Giveaway for her & 5 friends! Each winner receives $200 value prize of KadyLuxe Apparel and a SOCIAL Sparkling wine variety pack PLUS Exclusive Social Hour⁠⁠ with Female Founders Boss Babes, Kady Zinke of Kadyluxe® & Leah Caplanis of Social Sparkling Wine. Click the link below to enter!

Tag us on social media using #KadyLuxeSOCIALHour if you are having fun and staying connected virtually!

Stay healthy and positive! When the dust settles, we invite you all into our showroom in Denver to try a can of Social to sip on while you shop our warehouse sales scheduled for this summer. 

If you want to try SOCIAL, click here and use code SOCIALKADY10 for 10% off your purchase!


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