Dec 7, 2020

Why We ALL Love KadyLuxe Star Leggings

We are stars wrapped in skin-the light you are seeking has always been within. ~ Rumi

It only makes total sense that we humans gravitate to anything stars. Star leggings, star jackets, star socks, star is fashionable and for some reason so satisfying. When you realize that nearly all the parts of the human body were made in a star, you realize the satisfaction might just be scientific. See more about that from the Natural History Museum here

Star Leggings, in particular, are popular fashion. Brands have their own iterations, but what makes KadyLuxe's Star Tonal Legging out of this world compared to the rest, is our quality of star print, our second skin fit and luxe aesthetic making them interchangeable for workout AND going out. 

Quality, one of our brand pillars, is a key stand out, especially in our new and improved production of KadyLuxe Star Tonal Leggings. Our fans loved this style so much, that we reproduced it with a few upgrades. We reengineered the all over star print to never crack. It has a beautiful, luxe shine against the new recycled nylon elastane base. You still get our no-dig high waistband and v-shape dip on the backside to make your peach look fabulous! This legging is sure to sellout this season again.

We can write all day long about our product, but we do believe it speaks for itself (so get yourself a pair, if you haven't already).  However, we wanted to gather some data on how our Star Tonal Legging compared to other star leggings in the market. Here's what we found- good, bad and ugly. 

    • Ultracor Star Legging
      • Good: The larger size star print is unique and doesn't crack. 
      • Bad: The waistband is made of elastic and digs. 
      • Ugly: The built in underwear design is super uncomfortable. We found ourselves cutting it out. For $200 we find this not a good bang for your buck. 
    • Terez Star Legging
      • Good: The metallic design is fun and shines bright. 
      • Bad: The waistband is not high waist. If you prefer more coverage, this fit is not for you. 
      • Ugly: The foil print cracks easy over time and won't hold up in the wash.
    • Beyond Yoga Tossed Star Legging
      • Good: The fabric felt soft. 
      • Bad: The stars are super tiny.
      • Ugly: Was missing a luxury, fashion forward look that made us want to wear these outside of the gym.