Oct 23, 2019

Meet Ghosty The KadyLuxe Office Mascot...How I Rescued My Husky Pup

Every office needs a good mascot and we are 100% dog friendly at KadyLuxe, so Ghosty, my little rescue, was the natural choice. 

How I rescued Ghosty is a pretty miraculous story and will make sense why I named him Ghost. Three months before I found him, I visited a shaman. In my session, she saw a baby puppy come forward and told me he had already chosen me as his owner. I was the last person in the world thinking about getting a puppy much less having the time to care for one. So I asked with one eyebrow raised, "When am I getting this puppy and how?". She replied, "You will get a strong feeling in your gut and that same day you will find him.". This sounded crazy and I never thought about it again. 

In March of 2019, I came home from a long business trip in Dallas and found myself half asleep surfing craigslist listings for husky puppies. Not that I was actually going to act on any of these ads, but I managed to respond to a few thinking nothing of it. The next day I get a text from one of the sellers saying "I have a husky puppy who needs to be rehoused TODAY. Can you come get him?". I read the text thinking no way, I can't go get this pup, but I had this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach. I couldn't shake it. I knew I had to go see this puppy. 

To keep me sane and from making a bad decision, I asked my ex-boyfriend at the time to come with me to run an "errand". He agreed, but not without hesitancy. "What shenanigan is Kady getting me into this time!" I'm sure are the words he uttered in his head. Together, we drove down to a dodgy neighborhood in Denver and upon entering the complex my ex said "Don't tell me we are looking at a puppy!". I reassured him that we were just looking and call me crazy, but I had no choice but to see this thru. We were greeted by two strangers who spoke very little English. The woman opened up her jacket and to our surprise two tiny puppies were snuggled inside her chest with their eyes still closed!!! Both of our hearts dropped and even my ex now was full attention. As a dog lover himself, he went into protective mode and firmly inquired about the whereabouts of the litter and the mom. We got zero answers except a demand for $850 cash per dog claiming each were pure breed Husky. Now we knew these pups were stolen and at this stage had no idea if they would live. In exchange for both puppies, we offered to not call the cops or animal control and take this burden off of their hands. The answer was a hard no and the couple walked away. By now we knew we weren't going to take no for an answer. We called our vet to confirm our suspicions that this was totally illegal and calling the cops was the right thing to do. With the vet's firm confirmation, we took one more stab at negotiating these puppies into our rescue. Driving back with $200 cash, we rolled up to the couple, window cracked, and like a drug dealer, offered $200 cash for the puppies or else (I think a threat was mixed in there somewhere that we knew where they lived and had their personal info).  I think this scared the couple and after a minute of back and forth discussion they accepted the cash and we peeled away with two little innocent animals happy to be saved from a very bad situation. 

It wasn't until later that I remembered the words of the shaman. I dropped dead in my tracks. I couldn't believe what had just unfolded. 

As an orphan who looked like a direwolf, it was only fitting to name the boy Ghost. We named his sister Luna. Ghost and Luna opened their eyes 10 days later and grew up together. It was like having a newborn, bottle feeding the pups through the night and teaching them how to do things like poop. We had no idea what all went into the momma's role. Thank god for google and a good vet to help guide us! 

Today both pups are healthy as can be and are in fact Siberian Husky, but also mixed with Alaskan Malamute, wolf and corgi (DNA testing, yes 1 corgi was in the lineage). They are such love bombs and Ghosty makes for the perfect office companion. I could say I rescued him, but I prefer to think he rescued me. 

husky puppies snuggled up husky puppies husky puppy in the snow