What is your fabric like?

Kadyluxe™ uses techno active fabrics imported from Italy tested by Olympic athletes.  The summer collection is a combination of our Signature Colorado brushed 80/20 polyamide/elastane & our Eco-Friendly 78/18 recycled polyamide/elastane.  The Colorado is a more forgiving fit with a soft-as-butter hand feel.  The Eco blend has more compression and has a slick hand feel.  All of our fabrics wick, are SPF 50 proof and won't show through.  

What about fit?  I'm a size 6 in lululemon.

Any pants in our Signature Colorado fabric we recommend sizing true to size.  The Eco-Friendly blends we recommend sizing one size up as they tend to fit more like a compression pant.  IF YOU ARE...

Lululemon size 2 we recommend XS bottoms

Lululemon size 4-6 we recommend size S bottoms

Lululemon size 8 we recommend size M bottoms

Lululemon size 10 we recommend size L bottoms

Tops go by your bra size: 





How do I care for my Kadyluxe?

Wash all your tops and bottoms on a cold cycle with like colors.  Colors will not fade, but always to be safe we recommend hang drying and avoiding dryer sheets.  Careful with zippers in the wash...they can tear other garments (best to turn the garment inside out and close the zipper pre-wash).  

My size is sold out?

At this time, we do not have any back stock available.  When it's gone, it's gone.  Our apologizes.