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Founder's Story

At the conception of KadyLuxe, I was dancing for the NBA, my home team, the Denver Nuggets. No clothing fit my fluid lifestyle running from work to rehearsals, game days to date nights. I needed a limitless wardrobe I could sweat in and go out in without having to change. Even the items we were given to wear for game nights or appearances was embarrassing. Nothing fit our athleticism, feminism and pride. 

In rehearsals, our coach used to warn us to bring kneepads to practice. All of my teammates would look around the room dumb founded because nothing existed for dancers outside of bulky, traditional bike kneepads. The choice between bruised, painful knees or feeling silly and restricted was ridiculous. This inspired my idea that ultimately started KadyLuxe—a knee padded legging for dancers that was superior in impact without the bulk. See our kickstarter campaign here. 

My humble idea to save my knees transformed into a clothing brand to save active women. Today’s active-minded female deserves a limitless wardrobe no matter her story. I want each Kadyluxe® customer to confidently & comfortably dance through her day knowing nothing, not even her clothes, can hold her back. We believe her team matters and supporting a favorite sports team or college should never mean sacrificing fashion or comfort.

Our sisterhood is dedicated to women making moves in the world, aspiring and pro dancers and cheerleaders, women in sports and female fans. Proven by the NFL Cheerleaders & NBA Dancers, I promise nothing but the best for your body! This includes eco-recycled fabrics, fair labor practices, MADE IN THE USA whenever possible and quality over quantity. Too much clothing today ends up in landfills. May we vow as a company to operate boutique, design to last and always care for our mother earth.

As a female ran company, I believe we women rise together. 1% of proceeds each year will be donated to charities that lift girls and women out of sexual abuse or sex trafficking.

P.S. The knee padded legging concept is patent pending and expected to launch 2022.

~From one queen to another, sending much love!

Kady Maxwell Zinke

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The Queen Chess Piece of Kadyluxe®

What We Care About


Fabric + Fit is our difference. We mill our own fabrics from scratch because you deserve something better than status quo. We never over produce and fit each style until it's just right.

female sports fans

50% of sports fans now are female, but fan fashion for women has not caught up with the times. We want to change that. #ourteammatters

eco fashion

You shouldn't have to be rich to afford "eco-friendly" fashion. We do the heavy lifting so your wallet doesn't have to. Starting in 2020, 70% of our products will be made from eco-conscious fabrics with no change in our prices. Your product always arrives in a 100% compostable mailer. #slowfashion


I have so many pairs of Lululemon leggings, but I've found myself reaching for my Kadyluxe instead.

Virginia Customer

They wash well and withstand everything I put them through in the gym, the mountains, travel, and in the office.

Colorado Customer