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ballerina turned fashion entrepreneur


As a NBA dancer, I found myself embarrassed to wear the outfits given to us as pros. Nothing matched our level of athleticism or honored our feminine spirit as female sports fans. KadyLuxe was born out of the idea that women deserve better sporty apparel; activewear that is comfortable, yet sexy and designed for the female body. Everyday I wear a pair of KadyLuxe Leggings, I am reminded to express my authentic feminine superpower; what you put on your body creates a frequency, which determines all you attract in this life.

I design activewear that celebrates, never objectifies, the beauty of the female body. 25 years of classical ballet training, gave me a deep understanding of how the female body moves. This informs every detail from the fabric, fit and feel.

What's in a logo?

The Queen Chess Piece of Kadyluxe®

our queendom values


A smart, powerful woman takes up space and can move in any direction she chooses. She’s a bold, courageous badass who shines her light, shares her gifts, and doesn’t let anything stop her.


Inclusivity. A place for women to feel safe being who they really are. Sisters lifting each other up. Competition is replaced with sisterly love & encouragement.  

her glow

Healthy, vibrant, and alive. Body confident and body aware. Owns her sexuality and sensuality. Loves how she feels in her body. Feels great about who she is - on the inside and the outside. 

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