female founder
MEET kady

My first love is dance & second, fashion. We joke, I came out of the womb wearing spandex! 

As a pro dancer, nothing fit my fluid lifestyle running from rehearsal, to an audition & later drinks with a date. From this pain, I created Kadyluxe®.

Today’s active-minded gal deserves a limitless wardrobe. I want each Kadyluxe® customer to confidently dance through her day knowing nothing is holding her back.

core value

We are female to the core and believe when women support other women MAGIC happens.

Our "girlgate" sisterhood started because female fans were not being heard. Gals, we hear you & celebrate each & every one of you! 

made to last

We believe in creating the highest quality garments made to last. With this simple mindset, less clothing ends up in land fills and our tribe can feel good about our impact on the enviornment.