Inspiring the mantle to your crown.

Note From Our Founder

Welcome to our growing Queendom. We love what we are creating and we obsess over representing female sports fans and active-minded women like you. May your story be one that is limitless and beautiful every single day. And may you feel the love we put into our products as a women-owned brand with an underdog story. We are rooting for you! Like our brand symbol, the Queen Chess Piece, remember you are powerful and can move in any direction.

Life Is A Movement,

Much Gratitude 🙏 ~Kady Zinke



Our logo is the Queen Chess Piece which represents our brand core values: female empowerment & limitlessness.

Our Story

Dancer Meets Sports

Founder, Kady Zinke danced in the NBA. It was her days on the court that inspired her passion to represent female sports fan with better quality style. Our first customer was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders in 2014.

Sports Meet KadyLuxe

From our humble beginnings sewing in Denver with a small staff of rural seamstresses & shipping out of Kady's garage, we quickly grew the brand and partnered with expert factories overseas. Today we design collections for 75+ NCAA universities, the NBA, NHL & America's favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. To shop all of our current teams, explore here.