Meet the Kady in KadyLuxe

Meet the Kady in KadyLuxe

Meet the Kady Behind KadyLuxe

Meet our Founder, Kady Zinke. Friends know her as Kade, the visionary, dancer, entrepreneur, sister & adventurist.

She is ready to be on your team.

Why I Started KadyLuxe

I've been moving since I can remember. Dance was my movement of choice spending 20+ years training in ballet and jazz. My dad was a talented sportsman, water-skier and drag racer, so I got good at slalom skiing, racing boys in classic cars and collecting Michael Jordan basketball cards too. My range of activities required a limitless and versatile wardrobe. I've always struggled to find activewear that resonated. Every avaialble option from the yoga centric or dancewear brands at the time more than often fell comletely flat.

In 2012, I danced as a pro dancer for the Denver Nuggets. It was a magic moment, to express my art of dance on the my dad's favorite court. Long practice nights with bruised knees to show, I had a vision where dancers and female fans alike could dress up in something that made them look and feel beautiful, feminine and proud.

The sports game day apparel landscape at the time was lifeless as it could be and there was little to no innovations coming to address the problem. So, with a single legging on Kickstarter, I took the leap to upgrade my own wardrobe and save all female fans from feeling frumpy, masculine or embarrassed repping their favorite team ever again.

At Kadyluxe we support and empower women to look, feel, and do their best

We are independent & innovating and we love to move! We are proud of our accomplishments, a little bit spicy, a little bit playful and motivated to live our best lives.

Live in style with Kadyluxe.


Our logo is the Queen Chess Piece which represents our brand core values: female empowerment & limitlessness.

From the NBA Court to Millions of Women's Closets

It's not about the destination, but the journey. We've grown from a small start-up apparel operation sewn out of Kady's garage, to a country-wide brand delivering collections for the various NBA/NFL/NHL teams and 75+ Universities across the country.


Healthy, vibrant, and alive. Body confident and body aware. Owns her sexuality and sensuality. Loves how she feels in her body. Feels great about who she is - on the inside and the outside.


Slapping Each Other's Asses!

Women historically have not celebrated each other. As the rebels that we are, we say NO MORE. In fact, we encourage ass slapping, even your own.

Kadyluxe is replacing competition is replaced with sisterly love & encouragement.

Try it!... p.s. you might deepen your friendships.

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